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Intelligence Info Kept From First Responders -
Posted on 11-01-06

Five years after September 11th, the Bush Administration's
willingness to share threat information with state and local officials
remains virtually nil, according to a number of first responders.
Is Bush Administration Allowing Big Oil To Scam
Us? - Posted on 11-02-06

Is this another chapter in Big Oil's cozy relationship with the modern
Republican Party?
Bush Administration Working To Silence Terror
Suspect - Posted on 11-03-06

In recently filed court documents, the Justice Department claimed
that suspects who spent time in those prisons have no right to
disclose any information about their interrogations, even to a lawyer.
New Book Exposes Flaws In "State Secret
Privilege" - Posted on 11-04-06

No less a non-partisan group than the famed 9-11 Commission has
stated that the aura of increased secrecy under the Bush
Administration only makes Americans less safe, not safer.
Secrecy Watchdog Group Gives Poor Marks to
Bush Administration - Posted on 11-05-06

Is the irrational secrecy of the Bush Administration destroying
Revealed: De-Classified Clinton Anti-Terror
Strategy Condoleezza Rice Claims Never
ed - Posted on 11-06-06

News Flash: A member of the Bush Administration caught in a lie...
Iraq's 'Protection Service' Source of Death
Squads - Posted on 11-07-06

How an American-created 'protection service' became the main
source of death squads in Iraq.
Rumsfeld Gone As Dems Take Congress -
Posted on 11-08-06

Christmas has come early this year for a resurgent Democratic
Aurora, Colorado: Home To Privatized Spy
Game? - Posted on 11-09-06

Experts say,  "Their job is to make money and so they will tell you
whatever you want to hear."
What To Do About Army Officer Shortages? -
Posted on 11-10-06

The U.S. Army is  facing a critical shortage of well-trained officers.
U.S. Veterans Find They Have No Resting
Place - Posted on 11-11-06

According to
The New York Times, "The federal government is
racing to keep pace with the deaths of America’s warriors."
Agency Using Flawed Program To Connect
Intelligence Dots - Posted on 11-12-06

The government's top intelligence agency apparently is building a
computerized system to search vast stores of private information
about U.S. citizens and visitors alike.
Cargo-scanning Subcontractor Spurns 'Buy
American' Clause - Posted on 11-13-06

Should U.S. contractors be allowed to flaunt 'Buy American'
Just How Much Will Iraq Cost American
Taxpayers? - Posted on 11-14-06

Finally, someone is telling the American taxpayers just how much
Bush's misadventure in Iraq may cost us.
'Yankee Republicans' May Be On Last Legs -
Posted on 11-15-06

The classic New England, or "Blue blood" Republican--fiscally
conservative but socially liberal-- is nearly extinct after a long and
quiet decline which began more then a decade ago.
Did Base-closing Commission Hide Evidence
to Get Its Way? - Posted on 11-16-06

The suppression of information on "future excess capacity"
seems to have significantly distorted the military base closure
Army Fails To Provide Iraq Contractor Census
- Posted On 11-17-06

"The public may not be able to grasp the money issue--how much
is being spent--because it is always so large, but they can get the
number of employees, and that's dynamite."
The Army Outsources Interrogator Jobs - Posted
on 11-18-06

The Rumsfeld Pentagon may by outsourcing these jobs for one
reason: if further detainee abuses are discovered, the U.S.
Government may deny responsibility.
Just How Safe Are Our Chemical Facilities? -
Posted on 11-19-06

America's chemical facilities may not be as secure as you think...
What Are North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions? -
Posted on 11-20-06

An October 24th, 2006 Congressional Research Service (CRS)
report discusses the "big question": does North Korea plan to use
its new nuclear weapons on either U.S. interests or other Asian