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Stimulus Funds Not Always Invested In Needy Areas - Aug.
4th, 2009

Transportation Department heads are failing to give "priority to economically
distressed areas," according to a recent report by the GAO.
Town Hall Thugs Fueled By Old-Fashioned Racism - Aug.
8th, 2009

What the town hall shouters are ready to believe about Obama says much more
about them than they will ever admit.
In Age Of Foreclosures, Homelessness Is Turned Into A
Crime - Aug. 13th, 2009

As more people fall into homelessness, many cities now use the criminal justice
system to punish people who live on the street.
Public Health Care Being Expanded By State
Governments - Aug. 17th, 2009

State lawmakers have recognized government-run health care insurance as a
top need, even though budgets are being battered by the recession.
Gene Therapy, Other Life Sciences May Be Used For
Military Purposes - Aug 21st, 2009

A top arms control expert called Wednesday for an immediate ban on the use of
gene therapy and other life sciences for military purposes.
Kennedy's Unfinished Work: A National Health Care
System - Aug. 26th, 2009

'Through national health insurance...We can make health care a basic right for
all, not just an expensive privilege for the few,' said Sen. Kennedy in 1978.
Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Government Spying - Aug.
30th, 2009

The brief flatly declared that the FISA Amendments Act violates the Fourth
Amendment, and thus is unconstitutional.